The Perfect Wedding Dress and Bouquet Combination


The wedding will probably be the most important and romantic day for any couple, brides are so eager to make everything about their wedding perfect. Many brides are getting concerned about the style and design of flowers that they’ll be using for their wedding.

Some brides may have already chosen and ordered her wedding gown but are still getting confused on what type and style of bouquet best fits their dress. Here are some wedding dress styles and some probable bouquet match options that brides would want to try out.

Dress Styles

A-line / Princess Dress

In an A-line or princess cut gown, the skirt shape looks like a triangle, giving the bride a very womanly look. Bouquets that would work well with this dress are round bouquets, oval bouquets, cascade bouquets, crescent bouquets and pomanders.

Ball gown Dress

This wedding dress has a full skirt shape, which looks so much like a fairytale princess gown. Matching bouquets are round bouquets, oval bouquets and pomanders

Empire Dress

The empire dress fits perfectly for a bride with slim slight build.  Matching bouquets are arm bouquets, round bouquets, oval bouquets and cascade bouquets

Mermaid Dress

This wedding dress cut is slinky and form fitting, hugging and showing off your curves. It is a very sexy cut to achieve a feminine look. Matching bouquets are arm bouquets, round bouquets, oval bouquets and cascade bouquets.



Like the mermaid dress, this is also snug form fitting dress that shows off all of your curves. Most modern brides prefer this dress style. Matching bouquets are arm bouquets, round bouquets, oval bouquets, petite bouquets and single stems.

Some Bouquet Terms Defined

Cascade – one of the most formal and traditional types of bouquets. It is also known as fountain, shower or waterfall bouquets. They are rounded at the top with a flow of flowers “cascading” over the bride’s hand. Almost any kind of flower can be used for this kind of bouquet.

Nosegay – can be for casual or formal wedding themes. Nosegays consist of small, rounded, thinly packed flowers. They incorporate more green to these bouquets that highlight the flowers petals and stems. Most common flowers in nosegays are irises, tulips, lilies and roses.

Arm sheaf – is a long stemmed bouquet that the bride cradles in her arm as she walks down the aisle. Modern ceremonies are using this type of bouquet. Flowers that work well with this arrangement are Orchids, long-stemmed roses, gladiolus, delphiniums and calla lilies.

Flower bracelet – Also known as wrist corsages or hand-tied bouquet. Flower bracelets include small combination of flowers that can be attached to the wrist with an elastic band. Most common flowers for flower bracelets are orchids or roses. This is perfect for brides who do not want to be bothered by having a bouquet that needs to be carried around. This bouquet is most commonly used for warm spring or summer weddings and looks perfect for short hemmed dresses.

Other Considerations

Simple Dress

Some brides choose simple styled dresses. They can opt to have an extravagant bouquet, to balance out their dresses’ simplicity.

Petite Bride

Petite brides fit best with small bouquets, hand-tied bouquets, crescent without long tendrils and nosegay.

Tall Bride

Tall brides can go for cascade bouquets, arm bouquets, crescent bouquet with long tendrils.

Full figured Bride

Tall full figured bride best fits large bouquets and almost all bouquet styles except unnoticeable tiny bouquets.

In choosing the right bouquet, it is of course always best to consider the bride’s personality. Her wedding flowers should above all reflect her and her style.