The Cost of Wedding Flowers

In planning a wedding, the budget is one of the central matters that the soon-to-be wed couple discusses. They need to make sure that their most special day is financially-feasible yet stands close to their dream wedding atmosphere. Brides, most especially, are curious of the outcome of the wedding planning. Brides often do their own research to know the cost of specific details needed for the wedding. For couples who are on a tight wedding budget, it is highly important that they get quality wedding services that they can afford.

Wedding planners typically advise the couple to set aside at least 10 per cent of the overall wedding budget for the flowers. This may range from $400 and $5,000, depending on the couple’s budget. For brides out there that might be needing some help regarding their wedding planning, here is a low-down on the estimated average cost of wedding flowers. Prices for specific floral pieces will be provided as well as the factors that affect the price of these wedding flowers.


Here is an itemized average price list of specific wedding flower pieces that are typically included in the wedding.

Bridal bouquet: $50-200

Bridesmaids’ bouquets: $20-50 per bouquet

Corsages and boutonnieres: $8-30 each

Head wreaths and floral hair pins: $15-40 each

Toss bouquet: $20-50

Church altar flowers: $50-75 or higher each arrangement

Pew flowers: $10-40 each

Reception centerpieces: $40-150 each


Flower girl bouquet or petals: $20-35

Floral cake topper: $30-100




Factors to consider in getting wedding flowers

The types of flowers – certain flowers like carnations and daisies are easily available that is why they are cheaper. Exotic types like lilies and orchids and other tropical blooms are more expensive since they are harder to find.

Season – flowers that are not in season are not readily available so if you plan to use them, you’d also be paying for the cost of shipping them from elsewhere.

Colors of flowers – exotic or unusual colored flowers are also harder to find. Hard to find flowers are always expensive.

Size and design of arrangements – smaller pieces use lesser flower so they tend to be cheaper than larger pieces that need more flowers. Intricate arrangements are also more expensive than those that are of simpler design.

Rush fees – when flowers are ordered or design changes are made urgently orat the last minute, some florists charge rush fees.

Setup and delivery – especially if the ceremony and reception venue is far from the florist’s place, a large delivery may be charged by the florist. Some elaborate pieces that require complex setup may even be charged more.

Especially if you are on a strict wedding budget, it is highly important that the couple set and work within their set budget. You can also hire a great florist that can accommodate your needs and provide your wedding flower needs at a reasonable price. Who knows, your wedding florist may be your next best friend.