Planning Church Wedding Floral Decors

Churches are the traditional venues for special wedding events. These sanctuaries give weddings a more solemn and peaceful atmosphere. Not all churches are the same. Some are more elegant, some are more rustic. Whatever the ambiance of the church you chose as your wedding venue, here are a few tips on how you can decorate the church interior to match your wedding theme.

  • Know the Rules

Consult with the church administration to know the rules and guidelines in church decoration. Some churches may not allow candles (an obvious fire hazard) or tossing of petals or rice. Talk to the people-in-charge of the church to know other details like how early they allow setting up and preparation before a weddi ceremony.

  • Pew Bows

Make the pew bows early on. This will make everything a lot easier. Especially if the church only allows a little time for setting up the all the decorations, ready-made pew bows will cut the work in half. Equally stream tulle or ribbon for one aisle pew to another; do this to inside aisles only. Outside aisles are for the passage of guests. Attach a pew bow with bow holders or tape at the end of each aisle.

  • Other place to put flowers

Since the altar is the center and focus of the entire wedding ceremony, arrange a grand and large flower basket or floral arrangement for the altar. For the doorway arches, hang garlands or tulle and secure with tape or ties to keep them from falling. Place one elevated or standing flower arrangement on each side of the doorway.

  • The Aisle 

Roll and smooth out a carpet down the aisle. Sprinkle rose petals (preferably complementing the colors of the wedding theme) along the sides of the runner. If the church will allow, put small tea lights between aisles to give the church a more romantic ambiance that is suitable for the wedding. As a safety precaution, sit small children away from the tea lights.

  • Guest book

Put a small and beautifully covered table near the entrance as a place for the guest book. You can put a portrait of the couple as a decoration for the guest book table. Place some colourful pens and markers for the guests to use in signing. You can also put a small floral arrangement for the table.