Make Your Day More Special with Meaningful Wedding Flowers

He popped “The Big Question” and you said yes. Now comes the tricky part, the planning of the dream wedding. Just like how the engagement went smoothly, you want your wedding day to turn out even more magical. You plan to have so many flowers to make the occasion as dreamy as you want it to be.

This language of flowers has been traced down from the Victorian era and has since been passed down from generation to generation. Since then, the flowers has been described to carry their own meaning and significance, that is why men in those days chose a certain kind of flower to send to her woman that will carry his special message to her. Nowadays, this “language of flowers” is not as widespread as before in the Victorian Era. But since your wedding day will probably be the most romantic day of your life, you should also make sure that it would be very meaningful.

Here are some most commonly used wedding flowers and their meanings, which might help you to pick out the best one to highlight your love and the magic of the day of your wedding.


These flowers are the most popular choice of wedding flowers. It comes in many colors and each color of these roses stand for a different meaning.

  • White – represents the innocence, beauty and charm of the bride
  • Red – represents the passionate and fiery love of the couple
  • Dark Pink – represents the couple’s gratitude that they found each other
  • Ivy – represents fidelity in marriage


Tulips are a great choice for wedding flowers during spring. They are very beautiful and represent your eternal love for each other.


Daisies, though considered as favourite by many, are not commonly used as wedding flowers. Daisies though might be a great choice for they represent romance and innocence.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies, are used even in the past for their representation of grace, beauty, elegance and charm. Adding calla lilies to your wedding flower decorations will add sophistication in the ambiance of the venue.


Now that you are made familiar to the meanings of these flowers, here are tips on how you can use them to create the wedding atmosphere that you might intend for your wedding.

If you are dreaming of a fairy tale wedding just like many brides do, you can never go wrong with roses. Roses will surely give the romantic and magical effect that you want your wedding to have. Use as many roses as you can possibly have, combine and match different colored roses to accentuate your wedding motif and venue. Use sparkling tulle to wrap them with.

If you are aiming for a more sophisticated look in your wedding, a single stem of calla lily or a tall bouquet or arrangement will do the trick. You can mix these elegant flowers to the entourage’s attire and wedding decoration venue to create the sophisticated style that you like.

If you want a more laid-back and casual event; like a beach wedding, you can go for daisies. Match them with lots of baby’s breath and tie them up with matching colored ribbons to make the cheerful and cosy atmosphere that you’d want to create for your wedding.

If you are doing your wedding in the spring, there are no better flowers but tulips. Pick pastel-colored ones and combine them with light greenery to recreate the freshest and sweetest sprig wedding that you want to have.

Flowers that you use for your wedding will most likely set the mood for the occasion. So it is very wise to take note of your wedding venue and type of wedding atmosphere that you want to create. Knowing these, choosing wedding flowers would have never been easier.