Flowers for a Purple Wedding Theme

It is almost customary for weddings to have a certain color scheme. The color of the dresses of the entourage and even the bride’s wedding gown gets a splash of the wedding’s color theme.

If you have chosen purple as your wedding color theme, here are a few flowers that you can use to pull off the perfect purple wedding theme.



Lisianthus (Eustoma) is a purple flower that takes a bell-shaped form when in full bloom and also appears in an exquisite spiral bud. They are perfect wedding flowers for boutonnieres. Lisianthus come in a variety of purple shades, one namely the “kyoto purple”.


Vanda is an exotic orchid and has a unique purple and white checkered variety. This flower is quite rare and is not often found to be in sale prices in flower shops as well as supermarkets. Adding Vanda into your wedding flower arrangements will surely add a touch sophistication and elegance to the atmosphere of your special event.


This flower is also one famous purple colored flower that can be a star in your wedding arrangements. You’d fall in love with this flowers exceptional beauty as well as its fragrance. Freesias come in the shade of violet to purple color range.


Gladioli come in many purple varieties on namely the “purple flora”. This marvelous flower can stand alone or would work perfectly even with minimal additional decorative accents.


Tulips come in an exceptional and very bright purple color range. These flowers are available from winter to summer. They can be used for bouquets as well as for any other wedding pieces.


Stocks are traditional flowers that come in a lilac purple variety. Its unique beauty makes it very suitable as wedding flower decorations for vintage-styled weddings.