Choosing Flowers Perfect for an Autumn Wedding

After so much deliberation, you finally picked a wedding date and it falls in the wonderful season of autumn. One of the first concerns that brides have in their wedding planning is the choice of flowers that they’d use for the wedding day. Wedding flowers can make or break the atmosphere of any wedding so it is wise to choose flowers and wedding arrangements very carefully. For couples who are in a strict wedding budget, they may want to choose fall wedding flowers that are in season because these ones are more readily available and are relatively cheaper.

Fall is a dreamy season. Rich with warm tones like as burnt amber, purple and red, autumn weddings are especially romantic. Aside from flowers, you can play with textured and layered arrangements by mixing them with foliage and some fruits in your wedding arrangements.

So what flowers would be good for a fall wedding?


This flower is one of the most popular choices for fall weddings. It has a great color palette, nice texture and comes in a good size, perfect for bouquets, centerpieces and aisle runner arrangements. They can be combined with rose hips, golden coxcombs and yellow amaryllis to create beautiful autumn wedding arrangements.


Roses are virtually a mainstay in any wedding and every other romantic occasion. They are very perfect flowers that can be used for any wedding arrangement. To be in tune with the fall wedding theme, choose roses in the colors red, pink, orange and yellow.



This uniquely shaped flower is readily adaptable and is long-lasting coming in many shades like pink, purple, white, green and blue. Hydrangeas work best with large wedding arrangements like wreaths, garlands and aisle runners. They may also be combined with fruits and foliage to make a differently appealing decoration.


Chrysanthemums are perfect fall wedding flowers that come in shades like gold, red, white and orange. They are quite heavy and work well with larger arrangements. Aside from other décor pieces like dogwood branches, poppies and cymbidium orchids, you may also add feathers on chrysanthemum arrangements to give them a nineteenth-century appeal.

Calla Lilies

This uniquely shaped textured bloom come in red, wine and orange. Adding calla lilies add exquisite elegance in any wedding arrangement. You can even use this flower for small pieces like grooms and groomsmen’s boutonnieres. Calla lilies can be combined with other décor pieces like Japanese maple leaves, dried wheat, viburnum berries and acorns for a fresher autumn look.