Choose the Right Flowers for your Spring Wedding

Spring is a great time for a wedding. Many flowers are in bloom and everything seems all fresh from their deep slumber during the past winter. Nothing could be fresher that the flowers of spring. If you are one of the brides that chose to have her wedding in spring, you are probably wondering what flowers would be best for your wedding. Adorn your special day with these colorful spring wedding flowers that you may want to suggest to your fabulous wedding florist.


Daffodils are very common mainstays for spring weddings. Yellow daffodils are the most commonly used but white daffodils is also a great wedding flower option. Daffodilas can be placedin bouquet arrangements as well as the smaller arrangements like corsages and boutonnieres.


Tulips are in season during spring. Seasonal flowers are always the prettiest and are generally cheaper. There are 500 different varieties of tulips available in spring. Tulips come in many different bright colors; very suitable to any wedding color theme.

In choosing tulips, pick tight budded ones. The warmth of a central heating system will make the bulbs open up, in a very natural manner.


Hyacinths are also spring seasonal flowers. They are very great choices for wedding flowers because of their exquisite shape, color and fragrance. Hyacinths’ beauty gives a very modern appeal to any wedding. Hyacinths also work well with roses, which are a very common choice of wedding flowers.

Lily of The Valley

Lily of the Valley is a magnificent flower found to be in season during April and May. Aside from the unique and exquisite charm of its small white flowers, Lily of The Valley is a great choice for wedding flowers because of its fine fragrance that will add appeal to wedding pieces. This flower may be pricey so if you want to include this into your wedding arrangements, be ready to pay more.


Gerberas or Gerber daisies are a very colorful veriety of daisies available all year round. Since Gerberas come in a variety of colors, they are very suited for any spring wedding arrangement. Feel free to mix and combine them with other colors and varieties in your wedding arrangements to make them fresher and as lively as the season.


Peonies are not very commonly used for spring wedding pieces. Peonies come in closed bulbs and wide open ones which will give an entirely different look in any wedding arrangement.